What About Me?

God heard you, he will continue to hear you. If you have never recognized God’s voice it’s because your listening to the limits of your environment. Think of this to help, God is NEVER in the midst of any evil doing nor has he known any evil as good. What do we do every day without thinking about it? WE SIN..God hates sin, truly He seeks to destroy all who fail to recognize Him for his Unconditional Love for all of mankind. 

Hearing God and recognizing Him doesn’t come as it is said or comprehended out of text. It’s getting Love out of silence that will introduce you to God. Truly God is Love. Do not avoid quiet times in your life it is God tugging at you wanting to show you all things just answer his knock. It’s a knock from within, denied many times until finally recognized, humbling you Forever. I hope this reaches just one in the most important way ,it’s God’s Will.


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