I am within my own spirit as are all, carefully knowing God to be as the most precious treasure. Only to do with his gifts as his Son had , recognizing his perfection I respect all that is with such awesomeness never to hold him upon my height nor higher if such is deemed obviously asked of me. Always most high to my eyes in the world he to will be seen still in heaven to be Most highest. Remembering The Beginning, as it always shall hold special to me in my second darkest hours , knowing it was in my most darkened i was snatched from dark as if never fully leaving His light. Doubt has never crossed my mind nor my feet since the day. I hold no responsibility in the good works my vessel performs only the commonly thought back to being sin tempting all. Hand after hand often the clock strikes also causing my sin to prove still real only this is true in my Father’s Love shining with such might all will fall headlong under his thrown, elders, beast and standing in the End is Love . Marking none and having been marked only of his own names residing on what is seemed to be his Forehead.. Unworthy is my imperfection yet Loving me as his own i hold fast those days coming not to be assured in pride, merely bearing an eye to he that dwells forever in my being is enough to carry out any task that is asked of me with Godspeed and Christ’s movement. 


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